Engineering Consumables/PPE

Cutting, Grinding & Flap Discs

TOTAL Drill Bits & Blades


Tapes - PTFE, Electrical, Repair, Gaffer, Safety & Hazard

Gorilla Range of Tapes & Glues

Trade Packs - Screws, Washers, Nuts & Bolts

Bonded Seals, Washers & O Rings

Duracell Batteries

Padlocks, Chains & Tie Downs

Multifix Trade Counter Range

Penloc 2 Pack Acrylic Adhesives

Polymer Adhesives/Sealants

Eurobond Thread, Nut & Studlock, Pipe Seal & Retainers

Eurobond Instant Adhesives

Loctite Thread, Nut & Studlock, Pipe Seal & Retainers

Loctite Instant Adhesives

Malleable Pipe Jointing & Sealing Products

ABS & UPVC Glues, Cleaners & Tools

V-TUF Hi Grade Pressure Washer TFR & Polish Detergents

P.P.E Equipment

Grippaz Engineers Mate Gloves

Lockout & Tagout Plant Safety

Safety Signs, Books & Wallets

Shadowboard Cleaning Stations

Quality Tool Boxes & Storage Solutions

Rock Salt

Bags Of Rags

Absorbents & Spill Kits

Paint Products

Cleaning Products

Food Area Cleaning Products

Lubricating Products

Food Area Lubricating products

Maintenance Products

Protection Products

Industrial Greases & Oils

Food Area Greases

Anti Seize Compounds

Metal Working Pastes & Fluids

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